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International SIM + USD$10 call credit
  • Use for Data, Calls, SMS
  • Data Plans: from USD $0.02/MB using a 5GB Data Plan
  • Global Coverage:190+ countries
  • Prepaid Data: from USD $0.25/MB
  • Calls & Texts: from USD $0.35MB
  • No Connection fees
  • All-in-one SIM: use as standard, micro or nano SIM

Your Price: USD$ 19.00* (CAD$ 25^)

* Price excludes shipping and tax.

International Data SIM
  • Use for Low cost Roaming Data ONLY
  • Data Plans: Up to 5GB of Prepaid Data
  • Great for emails, streaming, videos & more
  • Data Coverage: 150+ countries (including USA & most of Europe)
  • Expiry: 14 days or 30 days (after first use)
  • Critical Information Summary
  • Ideal for tablets & smartphones
  • Personal hotspot device available
  • Standard, Micro & Nano SIMs

Your Price: from USD$ 39.00 to USD$ 159.00* (CAD$ 51 to CAD$ 211^)

* Price excludes shipping and tax.

USA SIM Card + USD$0 call credit
  • Great Coverage across the USA
  • Unlimited US Data, Calls & Text Plans from US$29
  • Make International Calls from USD $0.19 min
  • Send International SMS from USD $0.09 min
  • Use Plans while in USA; then add prepaid credit to use in 190+ countries
  • Critical Information Summary
  • Standard, Micro and Nano SIM cards available

Your Price: from USD$ 29.00 to USD$ 69.00* (CAD$ 38 to CAD$ 91^)

* Price excludes shipping and tax.

^ This is an approximate price and is subject to the exchange rate applied by your credit card provider.